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Friends westbengal police job is an respected and less struggling job. But cracking this job is few tough process. So, Today I share my experience to Crack Wbp.

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Yes Friend,  It is possible to Everyone, who are physically fit (mean height 165″+ and weight as per height) and mentally fixed to do their dream job wbp. It is not very easy and not very tough to any aspirant to crack this exam. But you have to dream of this. You have to aim only at this police job. You shouldn’t think about any other job profile ie, better or best. You have to determine your aim as west bengal police.



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Tips &  Tricks for cracking this exam quickly or one attempt:-

  1. Take healthy foods.
  2. Take care of your body.
  3. Practice run twice daily.
  4. Read the syllabus very carefully. 

And Study previous year questions which ar on my site.


Some Tips for Cracking wbp pre and mains in 30 days:-

☆▪ You have to first read previous year question.
☆▪ When you study previous  year question mentioned from which part of any subject did wbp ask question. If you understand this then it is easy to crack this job within 30 days.
☆▪ Just Study well all of this topic in each subject from which topic Wbp asked previous questions.
☆▪ Follow Current affairs daily basis.
☆▪ Thank You.


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