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11 History Vedic Age Quiz

All important question on Vedic age History. Previous year’s exam asked question and answer.

1. The Origins of Indian Music may be traced to one of the following Vedas?

…Answer is B)

2. Total number of Purans?

…Answer is B)
No. of Vedas are 18.

3. Sabha & Samiti are two democratic institution of?

…Answer is A)
Option is Rigvedic Aryans.


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Vedic Age Infographics
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4. Which of the following Gods do not belong to the Rigvedic period?

…Answer is C)

5. Whom does the Gayatri Mantra in the Rig Veda address?

…Answer is C)
“Savitri”. Important Points: Gayatri Mantra is contained in Mandala III of Rigveda composed by Vsvamitra. 200 Rig Vedic hymns are dedicated to Agni .

6. During which period the Vedic Literature was composed?


…Answer is C)
1500 B.C-1000 B.C.

7. The word Aryans denotes?

…Answer is B)
Arace. Important Points: Arya, a Sanskrit word refers to person of noble birth or on upper caste person.

8. In which ancient text do you find the earliest reference to the varna system?

…Answer is B)
Rigveda Important Points: Purushsukta Hymn in the Mandala X contains reference to caste-system. In Rigveda,10th mandala contains the famous Purushsukta which explain the 4 varnas- Brahmana,Kshartiya,Vaishya,Shudra.

9. The first permanent home of Aryans in India was?

…Answer is A)

10. The Oldest Veda is?

…Answer is B)

11. The Upanishadas were compiled around?

…Answer is A) 
600 B.C.

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