Indus Valley Civilization


    Indus Valley Civilization



      Indus Valley Civilization

1.Which one of the following is more probable regarding Harappa Script ?

    Ans- Pictographic
2. The Indus Valley Civilization belongs to the which period ?
Ans- Chalcolithic period
☆. Mehrgarh is the earliest Neolithic site in India.
3. Indus- Valley civilization is called —–
Ans- Urban 
4. Who discovered Indus Valley Civilization?
Ans- Rakhaldas Banerjee.
☆. Rakhaldas Banerjee discovered Mohenjodaro in 1922.
5. Which metal is unknown to the Indus people?
Ans- Iron

6. With the people of which country Harappan people carried trade?


Ans- Sumer

7. The first metal discovered by man was

Ans- Copper

8. The great Bath was found in

Ans- Mohenjo-daro

Important Points:
● Multi pillared Assembly Hall was another remarkable building found in Mohenjodaro.
● A bronze dancing  girl found in Mohenjodaro.
● Great granary was the largest building of Mohenjodaro.

9. Which was a major port of the Indus Valley?

Ans- Lothal

Important Points:

● Kalibangan provides evidence of Furrowed Field.

10. Which was the ancient port of Indus Civilization?

Ans- Lothal

● Dholavira has yeilded evidence of sign board.

11. Rice cultivation is associated with the Harappan site of

Ans- Lothal

● Evidence for cultivation  of Rice in Lothal and Rangpur (Gujrat) only.

12. Which of the following is a Harappan site located in Rajasthan?

Ans- Kalibangan.


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