Animal Kingdom and Classification:

Dear Friends, here I will provide 14 important MCQs on Animal Kingdom & Classification. It is an important topic for all the aspirant who are preparing for competitive job and want to score more marks on biology: Animal Kingdom and Classification. It will help in the exam of UPSC, PSC , BANK, Railway, WBP etc.
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  • Important MCQs on Animal Kingdom & Classification

1. Most Fossils are found in 

a) Granite                b) Sedimentary rocks

c) Black Soil                 d) Lava Flow

2. Which one of the following is a reptile ?

a) Salamander                 b) Turtle 
c) Newt                           d) Shark
  • Shark- Fish with cartilaginous backbone (Chondrichthyes).
  • Newt- Only salamander found in India.
  • Salamander – intermediate between reptile and amphibia (Salamander is an amphibian).

3. Which one of the following is a protozoa?

a) Pea mosaic                 b)  Entamoeba hystolytica
c) Yeast                           d) Variola

  • Peamosaic-Virus.
  • Yeast- Fungi ( used to produce alcohol and used in Bakery industry. Source of vitamin B complex ) .
  • Variola- Poxvirus.
4. According to Darwin the unit of Natural Selection is –

a) Individual                 b) Family    

c) Gene                         d)Species


  • Darwin’s Book – Origin of Species by means of natural selection 

5. Which one of the following animal posses least number of body segments?

a) Flat Worm                 b) Earth Worm

c) Prawn                        d) Cockroach

6.Which one is not a protozoa ?

a) Hydra                        b) Euglena 

c) Amoeba                     d) Paramoecium


  • Hydra- Tnedaria or Coelenterata  
  • Euglena- Only photosynthetic animal
  • Amoeba – Unicellular

7. Which one of the following is a polymorphic species?

a) Garden Lizard               b) Spider

c) Gorilla                             d) Ant

8. The animal group that is not found in marine water –

a) Mammals                        b) Amphibia

c) Reptiles                            d) Aves


  • Marine birds (aves) albatros, seagul

9. The number of cervical vertebrae in mammal is –

a) Seven                             b) Seventeen 

c) Seventy Seven                d) Eleven    


  • Thorasic – 12 pairs 
  • Lumber – 5  pairs 
  • Sacral – 1 ( 5 fused in 1)
  • Coccygeal – 1 ( 4 fused in 1)

10. Limbless  Amphibia belongs to the order –

a) Urodela                         b) Anura

c) Gymnophiona              d)None of the above


  • Example of Gymnophiona – Ichthyofish

11. Birds differ from bat in the absence of –

a) Warm Blood                 b) Four chambered heart 

c) Trachea                        d) Diaphragm


  • Diaphragm is a muscle that seperates thoracic cavity from abdominal cavity .

12. Grub is the larva of – 

a) Insects                         b) Crustacea

c) Beetle                           d) Sponges 

13. Which one of the following animal phylum is latest by discovery ?

a) Pogonophora                 b)Kinorhyncha

c) Loricifera                        d) Ctenophora

14. A mammal that lays eggs –

a) Talpa                             b) Echidna    

c) Pteropus                       d)Lemur





 Answer Sheet :

1. b) ,2. b), 3. b) , 4. d), 5. d), 6.a) , 7. d), 8. b), 9. a), 10. c) , 11. d) , 12. c) , 13. c) , 14. b)

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